TOFIQ is the outcome of over two decades of struggle and hard work. It became a reality after the conference at the Library of Congress, Washington DC in 2008  and the Iraqi American Academics conference  at The National Academies in Washington DC in 2009. The official launching of “Together For Iraq” was in 2009 which lead to the establishment of TOFIQ in 2011.  Website: www.tofiq.org   


    Iraq was the center of excellence in medicine and education in the Middle East. Today, education and healthcare need is in need of reforms and development. Education needs updating of: schools’ curriculum, labs, and teaching methods. The Iraqi American Academics and professionals with their commitment to help their home land decided to get together in an organization to help in that task. They offered help and support through their personal capacity, institutions and scientific and professional organizations.


    In the year 2009 the Iraqi American Academics and Professional Conference was held in Washington. It was hosted by The National Academies. More than 300 Iraqi American academics and professional with leading American scientists including Noble prize Laureate have attended.   


    Three awards were presented: Mesopotamia Award to the best in: medicine, engineering, applied sciences, humanities and culture. A second award presented to five in each of the named five lines. The third award, Life Achievement Award, was granted to those academics that were eighty years young and older. Following this conference “Together For Iraq” project was established. There were some difficulties to sustain it hence in 2011 TOFIQ was established as an NGO registered in State of Maryland with 501 (c)3  


    TOFIQ (Together For Iraq) is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization established by Iraqi American academics and professionals to promote all aspects of higher education and research in Iraq. It shall coordinate its activities with Iraq’s institutions, academicians, and professionals. 


    TOFIQ is an Acronym taken from TOgether For IraQ. TOFIQ means success and good luck. Luck alone will not deliver us to fulfill our goals and meet the needs of our homeland. It is our work together that will bring us to the new horizon.


    TOFIQ Logo  (click here)

    TOFIQ logo was designed by the Late leading regional artist Mohammed Ghani Hikmet. It represents two hands of the Iraqi people embracing Mesopoytamia civilization represented by the Cylinder Seal and the Arab Islamic civilization represented by the Arabic Scrips and the current civilization represented by the Latin Scripts. 


    The elected Executive  Committee  

    President:  Abdul Hadi Al Khalili, MD Vice President:  Adil Shamoo, PhD     Secretary:  Ali Al Attar, MD    Treasurer:  Wael Khamas,  PhD


    Our Journal 

    TOFIQ Journal of Medical Sciences (TJMS) was established as a peer reviewed open access journal to help  researchers, faculty and professionals in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and biotechnology in Iraq to make the world see their scientific achievements.  TJMS is devoted to the publication of original research, commentaries on a current topic, letters to the editor, and editorials in the field of medical sciences.  The early focus of the journal is on clinical burden of disease in Iraq: documentation of its nature and extent; clinical patterns and epidemiology; diagnostic findings; and means of improving health standards in general. 

    The journal website is: http://tjms.tofiq.org



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