Volunteer surgeons to help Iraq injured and patients with complex surgery

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    Updated   24/10/2015 11:02 PM

    Following the March 12, 2015 conference (, the Minister of Health HE Dr. ‎Adeela Hmood has kindly offered to host our volunteer surgeons who offered to go to Iraq to help ‎Iraqi surgeons with the huge bulk of injured patients and also to deal with complicated surgical ‎diseases.‎

    The Ministry of Health will cover their travel and accommodation expenses with ensuring their security ‎in Iraq.‎

    The first team was to depart on October 5, 2015 but was postponed because of the flare up of Cholera ‎at that time and the whole ministry was engaged in controlling the disease. We expect the next ‎departure will be mid-December, 2015.‎

    There were 6 surgeons to go in October and 4 in December.‎

    Below is the official letter signed by HE Minister Dr. Adeela.‎





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